Colleen Smiley, Las Vegas Review Journal

The trouble with getting into Capo’s Italian Steakhouse & Speakeasy isn’t that all of the tables are booked months in advance -- it’s that in true speakeasy fashion, the door is cleverly disguised! However, for those resourceful enough to find the password to get inside, the luxuriously mafia-chic space will transport you to another era. The posh dining room, bathed in deep, sexy red booths and accented with wood, is both inviting and comfortable. A live band sets the mood as you sit down to traditional Italian favorites with a twist. Owner Nico Santucci has added his unique touch to each dish: penne alla vodka gets a dash of sun-dried tomatoes: Caesar salad gets a meatball or two. We don’t know why it all works together but it does-superbly. Then, retire to the patio and sit by the fire with an aperitif of Frangelico or Sambuca and some Cannoli or Tiramisu.

Dee's Ultimate Reviews

The place just explodes at you with sensual overkill in the form of red leather seats, dark furniture, as well as velvet and wood-covered walls. Decorations consist of numerous mirrors (those make the room look more multidimensional and intriguing) and black/white pictures with gangster motives on the wall. Our enjoyment level only rose when the performing singer (big-band/Frank Sinatra sort of repertory, really rather good) came to our table and commenced to ardently serenade me. He walks around the room every once in a while and sings directly to the assorted ladies. The ambiance definitely evokes some serious amorous inclination: it’s all quite fancy and sophisticated, elegant in this old-fashioned, nostalgic manner so hard to capture convincingly. Here you can leave your every-day life behind for a few hours and transform yourself into Lola Mancini, a showgirl and mistress to a powerful gangster. A seductive femme-fatale, gorgeous and as dangerous as her intimidating companion. We absolutely adored the whole concept and relished every little aspect of the set-up. Capo’s definitely specializes in the traditional Italian fare as far as the culinary side goes, only more refined than you would encounter at your corner restaurant. The place really did appear to be packed, I can see how they would expect you to have a reservation. Even though they were super nice about it and managed to squeeze us in, I still would not recommend going that route. Also when you consider the unique experience sold here, the money you spend could be viewed as an excellent investment, if not a bargain. I have always displayed a disturbing fascination with the mafia world. Movies, series, books, you name it: absolutely love them! Needless to say dining at Capo’s made me positively giddy with delight and I can’t wait to repeat this highly amusing evening at the first opportunity. Therefore, if you are a fellow gangster fanatic, you should splurge as soon as you can.

Vegas Limos, CitySearch

Coolest off strip restaurant in Vegas INCREDIBLE MEATBALLS!! – I love this place And I bring clients there all the time and they're always blown away. Sinatra crooner serenades during dinner. Then later R&B mixes take you into the later hours. I've tried every other Italian place in town and Capo's is definitely the most authentic with an awesome atmosphere. "Try it you'll like it" .

Derrick John, Google Reviews

Amazing Italian food. Even better decorations. When you walk in, its like a speakeasy, very secretive. Low light, excellent bar, and singers singing Sinatra classics all night. Not to mention the mafia movies they show while you eat. Excellent place to dress up as well. Couldn't help but wear my Zoot suit when I went. I Love Capos!

Seattle Rocket, Trip Advisor

My boyfriend and I make it a priority to visit Capo's on our yearly Vegas trips. We love the atmosphere and the food is delicious & plentiful. Have never had a problem getting in without reservations but we usually go on a weeknight. We've always had great service and we love the booths for the old-time romance. We both rate Capo's as our favorite restaurant.

Vegas Mobster, CitySearch

Best kept secret in Las Vegas – Why would gazillionaire Nico Santucci open an intimate speakeasy off the strip in Las Vegas? Cause he eats there every night he's in town. And now I know why. The food is awesome and the red sauce reminds me of Chicago. It's a really intimate atmosphere and it seems to be attracting the right folks. When I walked in I saw Mark Wahlberg having dinner with the owner of course.

LVRoadWarrior, Trip Advisor

We have been to this restaurant twice now. Food has been excellent both times. The Staff is excellent - love Dominic!!!! Not only do you need to go for the food but the total Mob related experience. Take your time at the front door....and when inside look around....they have captured the speakeasy feel for sure. Check out their web site for video and menu for sure. Music at night. Local Deals. Very ROMANTIC. Would love to go in costume sometime. But like I said...the food is excellent. Can't wait to go back.